What exactly is a trigger job?

Sig Sauer Classic Pistols are high quality firearms that will usually outlast their first owners. They were originally meant for Law Enforcement use and feature “duty” style triggers. That means that, although the internal parts are made to the highest standards, the fit and finish of the parts may vary depending upon parts batch, year produced, etc. So the average Sig Sauer owner may have a very nice trigger pull that may need no work or a very gritty, creepy, or otherwise distracting trigger pull.

The Sig Armorer Trigger Jobs remove all unnecessary frictions from the Sig DA/SA, SAO, or DAK actions. This is done by honing, polishing, precisely fitting, and refinishing internal parts to the point where the only forces that act against the trigger are spring forces. The user can expect their Double Action pull weight to lighten up by nearly 18%; depending on model, and their Single Action to respond in kind up to 30%.

The Sig Armorer’s Trigger Jobs always utilize factory power springs to ensure proper primer ignition every time.

What exactly is an action job?

The Sig Armorers Action Jobs include all the fitting, polishing, and friction reduction from the Carry Job but adds custom geometry changes. This includes customer preferences in the values of takeup, creep, overtravel, reset, and pull weight reductions.

The Carry Action Job moderately reduces all the trigger functions so that the user has a nice compromise between safety, reliability, and comfort. The client can request Single Action trigger pulls down to, but not surpassing 3.5 lbs. as a The Sig Armorer policy.

The Competition Action Job take all the facets of the trigger pull to the extreme to produce a truly fast shooting competition gun. The competition shooter will enjoy Double Action pull weights in the 6 to 7 lbs. range and Single Action weights down to 40 ounces. Call for details.

What are the benefits of SRT?

SRT was introduced by Sig somewhere around 2005 to help make their pistols more competitive in the Law Enforcement contract arena. The SRT system shortens the reset of the Single Action stroke by 60%; aiding in fast follow up shots especially under duress where one is more prone to accidental short stroking of the trigger.

What are the benefits of QTR?

QTR, or Quick Trigger Reset, is a proprietary product from Famed Gunsmith Gerry Ritacco of Total Automation. The Sig Armorer is the only authorized outlet other than Gerry himself for this product.

QTR shortens the single action reset just like the Sig SRT but only by about 50%. It does; however, have two additional features that SRT does not. QTR features reduced takeup by nearly 75% in both Single Action and Double Action modes thru proprietary parts-only modifications.

How do I ship my firearm?

The legal owner of a firearm may ship his or her firearm to The Sig Armorer by two means; thru UPS Air Shipments; preferably overnight, or by transfer thru his/her local FFL holder; usually a Gun Shop or Pawn Shop.

If you would like to transfer your firearm thru an FFL then take your pistol, unloaded, and pack it in its factory box; if available, along with atleast one magazine that is regularly used in said pistol. Take it to  your friendly FFL where the rest of the process is handled by The Sig Armorer and your FFL holder.

If you would prefer to ship it yourself then follow this process. Place a request via email or phone call with The Sig Armorer and we will send you out two paper copies of our FFL Certificate via the US Postal Service. You will keep one copy for your records and include another copy in the shipping box along with a copy of your Drivers License and the unloaded pistol and magazine(S). You may ship Fedex or UPS as long as you abide by any and all rules associated with your local shipper. You will also need to make the shipments Air or Overnight Air only.

Upon completion of our work here at The Sig Armorer we will ship your pistol back in the provided packaging to your preference of FFL or the address that matches your Drivers License.

What happens to my factory warranty?

The Sig Armorer employs only Sig Sauer Factory Certified Armorers which ensures that your factory warranty remains valid for most of the work that we perform. We also warranty all of the work that we perform out of our shop for the life of the pistol. The warranty is comprehensive, transferable, and comes at no extra cost to the consumer.